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[Jan 01 2012 / 12:00am]

Saddlebacked, Amy Culter

Please introduce yourselves.

[Sep 23 2010 / 6:13pm]
"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year"


[Feb 10 2010 / 8:24pm]
Dear friends,

I thought you'd like to know that being twenty years old was not at all as scary as I thought it would be. I am having a fabulous 2010 so far, give or take a few moments of grumpiness, and I keep thinking back to last February when I was learning to cope, and how different things are this year. For the first time in forever, I am in a beautiful living situation with my friend J. and two friends live next door, and another right upstairs. We have pot lucks and sit around gossiping and drinking wine and studying every day of the week. I am having a dinner party this Friday and we are going to make all sorts of Southern comfort and soul food -- fried chicken, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, fried green tomatoes, banana pudding, biscuits and gravy, maybe some cole slaw too. If any of you are ever in the city, you are always more than welcome to come sit in my little studio apartment and play Super Scrabble with me. Yes, Super Scrabble, with quadruple letter scores!

My classes are wonderful, albeit exhausting. I am taking a poetry class, and I have shared one of my poems with you under the cut, but really I am writing the same poem again and again so it should be nothing new or exciting. I am taking an Oceanic Art History class, and am sharing some of my favorite kinds of art so far with you too. I am learning about symbols and mirrors and transformations in this class. I am writing a poem about Asmat war shields soon, about how organic shapes can be transformed into such repetitive geometric forms, or something like that.

Sorry that this post is all over the place, but I guess I have a lot I want to tell you and to remind myself. I was supposed to go to London for spring break, but I don't think it's going to happen due to money situations, but that means I will be able to go see Joanna Newsom and hear Edward Hirsch. Which reminds me, Jeanette Winterson is reading tomorrow night! I am canceling pizza and beer night to go hear her read, and I am so excited, beyond excited.

A Poem, Oceanic Art, a Document of my DaysCollapse )

[Jul 23 2009 / 6:12pm]
"Sometimes, we need to return to certain ancient gestures of tenderness. Gestures are more than just gestures, they are like drawings made by one body on another body."

a way to not yet be wanted, a way to not yet be wanted [Jun 15 2009 / 9:25pm]

I have somehow managed to alienate myself from everyone I used to love, and it is a halting kind of loneliness; my heart is a ghost haunting my body. Do you know what it's like, to have your body betray you?

I swim by myself, float on my back and watch the cars drive past the spillway. I eat ice cream by myself, walk around the deserted shopping complexes of run-down Tuscaloosa. Most days, I stay in bed for 18 hours, reading and sleeping.

Jorie Graham writes, "there is a way to not yet be wanted," and I'm hanging onto it by a thread. There is a way to not yet be wanted.

Songs I have been listening to lately:
When I was a Young Girl, Barbara Dane
You Don't Know How it Feels, Tom Petty
Hospital Bed, Seabear

maybe in the next world maybe in the next world [May 07 2009 / 1:45am]
1. Jorie Graham is the most intelligent person that I have ever heard.
2. I am going home next week.
3. These days, I find myself reading more and more desperately.
4. Two more papers, one more homework, two more exams.
5. A picnic, finger sandwiches, afternoon matinee, and perhaps the cloisters before I leave.
6. Trying to learn the entirety of Statistics before noon.

I am keeping a paper journal these days, and it feels nice to have something solid and permanent in front of me. I can say, these are my thoughts, they come in blue, purple, and sea-green. My plans for the summer include:

1. Sleeping on the dock
2. Reading all those books I bought and never got around to reading, including: sonnets to orpheus, anna karenina, ulysses, a biography on marie antoinette still, and the complete letters of oscar wilde.
3. I think it will be nice reading someone else's letters and journals for a change.
4. Adrienne Rich writes, "I ache, brilliantly."

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